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MoonDance Film Festival

The Cinematic Arts Department is proud to announce the 18th annual MoonDance Film Festival. With both a film screening and award show in one night, it will be a red-carpet event you won’t want to miss. The night begins with films from students from all departments and grades at LACHSA, and culminates in an Oscar-like award show were recognition is given in categories ranging from Best Performance to Best Film. 


  • When is MoonDance?
    MoonDance 2018 is on May 12th 2018. WIth the doors opening at 5:30 PM, the VIP Reception starting at 6:00 PM, and the show starting at 7:00 PM.
  • Where is MoonDance?
    MoonDance this year will be held in the historic Los Angeles Theater on Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles - 615 S Broadway Street.
  • What should I wear?
    There is no strict dress code, but we highly encourge you bust out your black tie attire and get dressed up!
  • What films are playing?
    LIVER DIE - Brian Niles, Jeremy Herron, Langston Siebens, Cleo Palmieri A Series of Conversations With Myself - Chelsea Eisen Part of a Generation - Daisy Cornejo This is Not a PSA - Delana Lewis GRIEF.exe - Dylan Santa Cruz Un Repas Pour Deux - Dylan Santa Cruz Jonah and Julie - Grace Gallagher Rhythm Head - Hazel Sepenuk Dark Road - Isabella Barbieri Greater than Fear - Langston Siebens Bad Apple - Roxy Jamin stuffed - Sam Kellman 200 Feet - Shaman Magic Aponte A Nighttime in Frogtown - Teddy Nissen Prends Soin De Moi - Tui Caro-Lister Anne Wants To Dance - Una Campbell Clammy - Zoe Calamar Control Yourself - Zoë Takaki
  • Where can I buy tickets?
    Right here:
  • Who's nominated?
    Nominees will be annouced on May 4th, 2018.
  • What can I expect?
    A night full of short flims, fun, and another word that starts with f! Before the flims, there will be a VIP Reception for those with a VIP Ticket, and for the nominees. All attendees can enjoy a step and repeat photo area, concessons for sale, a photo booth, and more all in the beautiful historic lobby!
Production Design
Original Score
Norman Cohen
Best Flim
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